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Christian Spanish Academy A0047
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Miami Springs, Florida 33266 U.S.A.


Telephones: (from the U.S. dial 011+502+7832-3922 from the rest of the world dial 00+502+7832-3922)
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Who are we?

The Christian Spanish Academy is a formal institution dedicated to personalized instruction of the Spanish language as a second language on a one teacher to one student level.

You might ask yourself why this school's name is Christian Spanish Academy (CSA). Let us tell you a little about our history. CSA was originally established as a Spanish teaching program for Christian missionaries. These missionaries needed to learn the language well to perform their job. We were required to perform our job in a serious, well structured and professional way. We soon thought we could teach Spanish to many others and that is how our general program began open for anyone who wanted to learn the language in a place where we can satisfy even the most demanding. CSA is not a religious school, this is not our purpose. It is a Spanish school where we have several specific programs including: business, medical, airline personnel, kids and, of course we continue to teach missionaries.


You may ask yourself what is so special about us regarding teaching our language. Basically, our program has been designed taking in consideration how the student will assimilate what he is learning. When someone registers at CSA, he/she has two evaluations: one, to see what level he/she will start in our program and the other: our exclusive learning channels test, which gives us information about the way you learn best. We will know if you have visual, auditive or motive memory. Additionally, we take each student's particular aspects and specific needs into account. All this information is very important to the teacher who will arrange his/her lessons in an effective way so your learning is faster and more interesting

Our program is divided into seven levels for beginners up to the most advanced. After finishing each level, you will be tested before continuing on to the next level. Your learning development is supervised closely by our Teachers' Coordinator who recommends the best teacher for you according to your specific needs. He/she also checks daily and weekly work plans developed by your teacher. After each week you have the opportunity to evaluate your teacher´s progress and other operational areas of the school.

Our selected group of teachers has been teaching Spanish as a second language for several years at CSA. In addition to basic training, the school has a permanent training program in different areas. Although our method does not require that our teachers speak another language, all teachers at CSA have had basic classes in English and, as a result, many are bilingual. We think that this training has helped our teachers better understand the student´s experience in learning another language.

CSA has developed several of its own materials, including an audiovisual method for beginners. We also have an extensive library with titles for beginners.

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