Why Antigua?
1. Antigua Guatemala is extraordinarily beautiful. It has Spanish colonial architecture that is three centuries old, surrounded by three majestic volcanoes. It enjoys perfect weather all year long and there is no better scenery in the world.

2. Antigua Guatemala is kind. Antigueños (its inhabitants) are very kind people and eager to talk to you. The opportunities to practice your Spanish are on every corner, in every park, everywhere!

3. Antigua is a small city. Forget about buses, subways or your car. Antigua is a city where we walk around the town. Everything you need is within walking distance. All guest families live within the historic area, close to CSA.

4. Antigua Guatemala is the best place to start to know the entire country. The International Airport is located 45 minutes from Antigua and from here you may travel to several points of interest in Guatemala and neighboring countries.

5. Antigua Guatemala is CSA's home. Having the perfect city wouldn' t be enough if we didn't have the best school. The Christian Spanish Academy completes the panorama making Antigua the place to learn Spanish.

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